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You are paying a deposit to reserve Whole Fresh Pasture-Raised Turkeys.  This deposit will be subtracted from the final cost of your turkey.  The final cost of your turkey will be determined at pickup and is based on the final weight.  Our turkeys cost $7.39/lb.


All of our turkeys are pasture raised.  This means we keep them on fresh grass and outside in the fresh air.  They are moved frequently to new grass and we never use any chemicals or pesticides on the pastures.  Each day they are supplimented with a non-GMO feed (no-corn/no-soy) ration.


All of our packaged turkeys includes a giblet bag inside.   This includes the heart, liver, neck, and peeled gizzard.  It makes the best gravy... just ask us for recipe ideas if you don't know what to do with these parts.


Deposits are $25 per bird and will be credited to your purchase at pickup.

Online Transaction Fee - $1 (each time a customer uses a credit/debit card online, we have to pay a "transaction fee" to the card companies. It can really add up. Our online transaction fee covers the fee we must pay to the card companies. This fee is not part of the deposit).




We are more than happy to cut up your turkey.  We offer spatchcock, split, 7 piece, 9 piece, and 11 piece.  We also offer vacuum sealing of the parts.  


If you would like your turkey cut or packaged a special way - BE SURE TO ADD THE "CUT-UP ITEM" TO YOUR CART.  If you would like your turkey WHOLE and packaged as usual, you don't need to do anything else!


Click here to view the CUT-UP ITEM



Small: 10lbs - 13lbs (Feeds 4 - 8 people)

Medium: 14lbs - 17lbs (Feeds 8 - 12 people)

Large: 18lbs - 22lbs+ (Feeds 12+ people)

*Please note that while we do our best to get you a turkey within these ranges, there are instances where we have to assign you a turkey that slightly larger or smaller.  We cannot gurantee specific sizes. 



Our annual pickup party will be Saturday, November 18th and Sunday, November 19th!  We'll have samples, vendors, Christmas trees, and Thanksgiving shopping! If you'd like to enjoy the festivities; choose Saturday or Sunday for your pickup below!  Trying to avoid the crowd? Pick up your turkey outside of the weekend (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wedensday).

FRESH Pastured Turkey | DEPOSIT


    Helvetia Farm Market at Marion Acres
    23137 NW West Union Rd, Hillsboro, OR

    For directions search Google for Helvetia Farm Market

  • COST: 

    You are paying a deposit today to hold your turkey.  When you come to pick up on your chosen pickup window, we will credit the $25 deposit to the total purchase of your turkey. 


    Every order will have a designated pickup window on a specific day.  If you miss your designated pickup, you will be charged a $10 holding fee and your turkey will be held for 24 hours before being released to the wait list without notice.  


    All deposits and payments online are credited to your purchase and are non-refundable. 


    Size preferences are not always able to be met.  Since we are dealing with fresh turkey and sell every single bird we raise, sizing can be challenging.  We always do our very best to get the exact size you would like, but it's not always possible and you may end up with a bird that is slightly larger or smaller than what you selected.


    If you select "Any Size is Fine" you are commiting to purchasing whatever turkey we assign to you.  This choice means you could get a 12 pound turkey, or a 24 pound turkey.


    ALL turkeys include the giblets inside the turkey.  This includes the heart, liver, neck, and peeled gizzard.  *PLEASE REMOVE BEFORE ROASTING*

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