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KGW8 | Farm-Fresh Eggs as an Alternative to Store-Bought Brands Amid Shortage 1-2023 (Video)

UpFlip | How to Start a Chicken Farm 6-2022 (Video)

Buys Family Fitness | Father's Day Vendor Market 6-2022 (Video)

Oregon Pasture Network & Portland State University | Why we connect with small farms 1-2022 (Video)

Delish Magazine | DELISH Farm-to-Table Episode; All about EGGS  12-2021 (Video)

Acre Homestead | What a WHOLE Hog Share Looks Like & Sausage Review 12-2021 (Video)

Black Sheet Fiber Emporium | Vlog Helvetia Farm Market Tour 12-2021

Acre Homestead | How to Eat Farm Fresh & Tour 9-2021 (Video)

RAE Family Adventures | Drone Footage of Marion Acres (Video)

Covi. | Cash Cow Music Video, Drone Footage of Marion Acres (Caution, Explicit) 12-2021 (Video)

Danner | The Farm to Table Vision with Marion Acres | 4-2018 (Article/Photos)

Cedar Mill News | Marion Acres Raises Pastured Meats | 3-2018 (Article)


Statesman Journal | How to Make a Totally Oregon Thanksgiving | 11-2017 (Article)


The Animals' Place | Marion Acres Farm | 11-2017 (Photos)


Silvius James Photography | Marion Acres | 9-2017 (Photos)


FitLifePDX | Podcast w/ Valarie & Stella's Kitchen / Sourcing Meat | 8-2017 (Podcast)


Eva Kosmas Flores | Marion Acres Chicken | 8-2017 (Article)


Jacobsen Salt | Honey-Glazed Smoked Chicken | 7-2017 (Recipe)

Eva Kosmas Flores | How to Spatchcock a Chicken with Marion Acres Chicken | 7-2017 (Video)


Adventures in Cooking | Secret Supper: Leap | 6-2017 (Article/Photos)


Jacobsen Salt | Summer Noodle Salad | 6-2017 (Recipe)


Pechluck's Food Adventures | Secret Supper Recap: Leap  | 5-2017 (Article/Photos)


Secret Supper | Leap | 4-2017 (Article/Photos)


Adventures in Cooking | Secret Supper: Noble Rot | 12-2016 (Article/Photos)


Christiann Koepke | Secret Supper: Noble Rot | 12-2016 (Article/Photos)


Table Culture / Danielle Firle | Secret Supper: Noble Rot | 12-2016 (Article/Photos)


Secret Supper | Noble Rot | 11-2016 (Article/Photos)


Gathering Intuitively | Noble Rot | 11-2016 (Article/Photos)


Adventures in Cooking | Adventures in Chicken | 10-2016


OPB | 'Adventures In Chicken': A Rich, Buttery-Tangy Salad For Fall | 10-2016 (Article)


Adventures in Cooking | SOUP STOCKS & BONE BROTH FROM SCRATCH | 3-2016 (Article/Recipe)


Christiann Koepke | Scratch Sessions | Soup Stocks & Bone Broth | 3-2016 (Article/Photos)


Modern Farmer | Painting the Farm Red | 9-2014 (Article)


Where to find Marion Acres Chicken

Helvetia Farm Market

Helvetia Farm Market

Come visit us at our own market! We not only have our pasture-raised meat available for purchase, but we have over 1,400+ locally made products from the Pacific Northwest including organic farm-fresh produce, milk, eggs, coffee, espresso, artisan handmade goods & more! OPEN DAILY - Simply search Google for Marion Acres or Helvetia Farm Market and both will get you here!

Field & Vine

Field & Vine

"Local farms, vineyards and ranches are the heart of this area. They are the reason we all are passionate about the food we cook, the food we eat and the food we experience. It’s in the connecting to the land and the people — farmers, winemakers, ranchers, distillers, cheesemakers — in a very real and personal way. It’s why we do what we do." - Pascal / Owner & Chef

Our Table Cooperative

Our Table Cooperative

Berkeley Braden | Chef

Berkeley Braden | Chef

Self-employed chef and caterer in Portland, Oregon since 2001, provides an array of services including corporate catering, restaurant consultation, and culinary services for private events large and small.

Stella's Kitchen

Stella's Kitchen

Tyler Jaskey | Chef

Tyler Jaskey | Chef

"As a local Portland chef, I was introduced to Marion Acres when I asked for the best chicken in the city. They did not and have not ever disappointed. From the quality of the product to the amazing connection they have with the land and the animals, Marion Acres is one of the best farms I have ever worked with and some of the best people." - Tyler Jaskey / Chef

Artemis Foods

Artemis Foods

Alchemy Catering NW

Alchemy Catering NW

"Marion Acres is every chef's dream. They are producing one of the best chickens that I have ever worked with. My clients and myself are blown away by the beauty, taste, and texture of their birds. The crew is a joy to work with; their passion and hard work is evident the first time you meet them and carries over to everything that they produce. If you have never tasted a "real" chicken, do yourself a favor and check out the website to place an order." - Paul / Owner & Chef

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