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We're Hiring!

Our farm is the combination of four different businesses; the farm (Marion Acres), the poultry processing facility (Helvetia Poultry Processing), vegetable and flower production (Marion Acres Garden), and the retail grocery store (Helvetia Farm Market). Many of our crew members work across these four businesses based on the season and the tasks that need to be done. Because we strive to provide our community with high-quality, pasture-based meats, eggs, and seasonal produce, our needs shift in tune with the seasons.  

Our primary hiring need is in the spring when activity on the farm, in the garden, and in processing increases dramatically. However, we are always taking applications for hardworking, positive, and motivated individuals.  If this sounds like you, fill out an application below and bring it by or submit it online! 

Current Positions:

1. Helvetia Poultry Processing 

From April through November, crew members work in our ODA-certified processing facility. We process Marion Acres chickens and turkeys raised on-site to sell in the market and process chicken, turkey, duck, quail, geese, and rabbit for our local farmers, homesteads, and larger-scale poultry operations. This work is mainly Tuesday - Friday. 


Must be 18 years or older, experience is a plus but not required.  Must be focused and detail-oriented. 

2. Marion Acres Farm

Crew members, alongside the farm dogs, help raise our chickens, cows,  pigs, and turkeys. Our animals are pasture-raised and we believe in holistic land management, rotational grazing & sustainable practices. The farm crew moves the animals to fresh pasture daily, provides animal care, and performs general farm labor and maintenance of our 47-acre farm. 


Must love working with animals and being outdoors.  Must be 15 or older. 


3. Marion Acres Garden

We have a greenhouse, various gardens of produce and flowers, and plants on the market porch for sale. Crew members work to plan, plant, care for, and harvest these gardens. 


Must love working with plants and being outdoors.  Must be 15 or older. 


4.  Helvetia Farm Market 

Crew members work in a 2,400-square-foot retail store on the farm, selling products from our farm, gardens, and local vendors. The market includes a coffee bar, wine/beer/cider bar, and a food prep and deli counter. Crew members are trained across market areas, letting us jump in and help where needed. Crew members enjoy getting to know the vendors who drop off their products and meeting new customers while catching up with the regulars. 


Must be 18 years or older.  Must be outgoing, self-motivated, and detail-oriented. 

Apply online or drop off your application and/or resume at Helvetia Farm Market during business hours.  


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