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"I love the whole story. Local.  You love the animals and treat them so wonderfully.  It's like they're at the Four Seasons for animals.  I truly do love watching it all unfold.  Just got our turkey from you guys this year and it was so good.  I love cooking with the best ingredients. Also love the chicken we got that day and roasted.  They taste different - in the best way - and way less fatty.  Then I used the bones for stock and it was off the charts terrific!" 

~ Amy B. 




"I had no idea that you butchered your chickens the same day as selling them.  That is what you call fresh! Your chickens are incredible.  What a difference they are to store bought chickens- I will never go back!"

~ Tina G.




"We cooked your chicken and another farm's chicken in the same oven, the same way, and yours was hands down the best one.  It was moist and had a much better flavor.  We ate yours and made soup out of the other. We will definitely be buying from you again!" 

~ Tami M. 





Really enjoyed meeting you guys on Saturday..chicken was delicious and your prices competitive...Well done, Marion Acres!!"

~ Jeanna J.




"Hands down this was the BEST turkey we have ever had! Fresh and delicious!! Picking up the turkey was a super fun experience too and a great chance to get to know these two awesome families. We are looking forward to getting more turkey from Marion Acres and also want to try the chickens next!"

~ Kim K. D.




"Thanks so much for our wonderful chicken last season!! I loved coming to the farm every time to pick it up, knowing my chicken was hours fresh and being able to see where they are raised. It's beautiful out there! World's best chicken from Marion Acres! Great customer service too. Thanks guys!"

~ Becky K.



"These are the best chickens I've ever had. Wow! They're incredibly moist & taste delicious! We've told a lot of people about you guys!"

~ Kyle Mc.




We have really loved your subscriptions, they have been awesome.  Best chicken I have ever had.  It actually tastes like something, as opposed to a bland store bought chicken.

~ Jeff G.




"Marion Acres products- literally the best I've EVER had. The chicken was so moist & flavorful. SO local. SO natural. SO Portland. Why would you NOT indulge?!"

~ Kaitlin P.

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