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2017 Updates / Timeline 





February 2018 - On the calendar: complete brooder, start fencing on new 22 acre pasture, excavate for market, plumbing & concrete for market & processing facility, foundation for market. 

ORDERS OPEN February 1st for chicken, beef, pork, eggs, chicken parts & more!


January 2018 - Concrete and walls are completed in the brooder, plumbing needs second inspection for the processing facility before we can pour concrete. 




December 2017 - FINAL BUILDING APPROVAL from the county that we can build our processing facility!! Prep footings in barn area for concrete in brooder.  Pour concrete in brooder!


November 2017 - Build footings and lay plumbing for processing facility. 


October 2017 - Wrap up 2017 and excavate processing facility area.

September 2017 - Begin building facility!

August 2017 - Planning to pull permits for the processing facility and begin building!

July 2017 - We begin grading the property, add a driveway, pour several concrete pads, purchase and build a large cooler and work with engineer on processing facility. 

June 2017 - The county has APPROVED our plan to build a processing facility!!!

May 2017 - Our first scheduled processing date is May 20th! 

April 2017 - We are hoping that we will get approval soon so we can process our first batch of chickens ourselves again! Last year, it was hard to hand that task over to another processor.  

March 2017 - We bought a tractor!  Working with a contractor & engineer to get some plans for our new building(s) (that's a little hint of that our big project is).  It should take 2 weeks to get finalized plans, then 30 days to get that approved through the county.  Once we get approval, we will begin intensive construction on the processing facility for our 2017 processing (and more).  We don't love being up against the clock like this, but we are patiently submitting to the county and moving as fast as we can.  

ORDERS OPEN March 24th at 9pm! 

Adding a new Buying Club for Gresham, Canby, Hood River & Bethany

We get our first batch of chicks on March 31st!

February 2017 - We have been working on a large project (we haven't shared this yet).  We spent most of February solidifying plans for this before we moved forward with development. 

January 2017 - Welcomed the new year by talking about new wholesale prices for markets & restaurants. (Spread the word! We'd love to see our meat on the menu in your favorite restaurant or store!)  Also worked hard on our spreadsheets and forecasting for 2017 as we anticipate doubling production. 



December 2016 - We finally heard from the county and got approval for a processing facility! Yes! We can now move forward with our new facility.  We also wrapped up all our large orders for 2017, cleaned up the farm and did some equipment maintenance.  

November 2016 - Still waiting on the county for approval of our processing facility, hoping we don't get too close to our first harvest! We need to start building.  150 Baby chicks arrive for our 2017 laying flock!

Earlier in 2016

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