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Pasture-Raised Turkey

Fresh Pasture & Freely Roaming

"The turkey was absolutely delicious as always.....hands down, you lovely folks raise the best turkeys we have ever had."  

 - Kim D. Portland, OR

About our Turkey
* Local! Just 20 minutes west of downtown Portland, Oregon.
* Raised on fresh, green, bug filled herbicide-free/pesticide-free pasture starting at just 3 weeks old.
Moved onto a fresh, thick section of pasture frequently.
* Antibiotic free.
* Hormone free. (Federal standards do not allow the use of hormones in poultry or pork.)
* No animal by-products, fats or coloring.
* Locally grown & milled non-GMO feed ration.
* Comparable to a Green Plus rating at Whole Foods Market.
* Raised in small batches and handled individually with care.
* Turkey shelter allows for plenty of shade for resting.
* Raised and humanely handled & processed by us on site to minimize stress on birds.
* Natural sun, exercise, and air makes for a healthier and happier bird.
* Breed is Broad Breasted White.
* Local & family owned farm business since 2012.

Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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