$4.75/lb / Each quarter of beef requires a $200 deposit.

This is for a WHOLE cow share. 


How much total will I spend on a 1/4 cow?

You can expect to spend about $800 TOTAL per 1/4 cow which will give you about 150lbs of beef.


How much room will this take in my freezer?

Watch this video we did that shows what 1/2 cow looks like in your freezer (also pictured above): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz-Vy3MfbEU&t=1s


How much do I end up spending in the end on my packaged beef?

$7.71/lb - Let's start at the beginning. We try to butcher our cows at 1000 lbs (live weight). Once they are butchered and cleaned up, they lose about 40% of that weight (head, organs, etc). That leaves about 600 lbs for the whole cow (hanging weight). This is the weight that we charge you on; $4.75/lb on hanging weight, so for your 600 lb whole cow, it would be $2850 to us and $390 to the butcher for cut and wrap, totaling $3240. When you take that number and divide it by the 600 lbs, it looks like you are paying $5.40/lb. This is the price you will most often see associated with a per/lb prices for grass-fed beef. However, what you might not know is that between the hanging weight and the finished cow, there is the process of cutting the meat into portions. During this process, the cow will lose about 30% of the weight in bone, fat & cartilage, which changes the total weight of the cow down to about 420 lbs. If you use that number, you get $7.71/lb for your packaged beef in the freezer!  This will give you an accurate, tangible cost to compare with grass-fed cuts in your local market deli.  Bones & Fat are always free with your share, if you request it.  The $7.71/lb is only for the meat. **Of course each animal will have a different hanging weight, and those weights can vary depending on time of year and the age of the animal. We have had hanging weights for whole animals that range from 550 pounds to 850 pounds.


WHOLE Share Pastured Beef (Deposit) | $4.75/lb

  • Pork & Beef shares are only available for pickup at The Meating Place, which is just down the street about a mile from our farm in Helvetia.  They will call you when your order is ready!