DEPOSIT for: Bulk TEN (10) Frozen Whole Pastured Chicken


This is a deposit for 10 Frozen Whole Chicken that will be credited to your total purchase when you come pick up your order and a 10% DISCOUNT will be applied at pickup.  If you are interested in purchasing less than 10, please stop in our market anytime! We are open DAILY; Mon-Sat 8-7 & Sun 10-6


Pasture-Raised Cornish Cross Chicken (Average weight 2.5-3.5lbs) - $5/lb

Pasture-Raised Freedom Ranger Chicken (Average weight 2.5-3lbs) - $5.25/lb
All of our chicken is moved onto fresh organically grown pasture every single day and supplimented once a day with a non-GMO (no-corn/no-soy) vegetarian feed ration.  Our chickens are not vegetarian though, they eat lots of bugs. 

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