$4.50/lb based on "Hanging Weight"


Pork Shares are available for half and whole hogs. This item is for a HALF HOG. Deposits are $200 for a half hog and $400 for a whole hog. 


The $4.50/# price is based on a “hanging weight” which will come from the butcher (The Meating Place). We try to process our pork at 200-300lbs “live weight” or “on-the-hoof” as it is sometimes called. The live weight on one of our hogs can be anywhere from 130# on the low end and 300# on the heavy side. Once they are butchered and processed they lose ~40% of that weight. This gives you the “hanging weight” which is what you pay us, the farmer for.


Once the hog has been butchered here on the farm (which we do to reduce stress from having to travel to an offsite processing facility) the pork is taken to the Meating Place for final cut and wrap.


We will reach out via email and ask you to complete your cut and wrap order. The Meating Place uses a great online tool through google which makes selecting the way you want it cut even easier.


Once your cut order is complete they will begin the work of final processing. Which can also include “value added” smoking and curing for an additional charge. Please keep in mind that a typical loss from “hanging weight” to take home cut and wrapped weight can be around 30% due to loss of bone, fat, and cartilage through the final processing work. Expect to pay the Meating Place for the “kill fee” ($80 for a whole and $40 for a half) and $0.70 per hanging weight pound for cut and wrapped pork.


Below is an example of a ½ hog that weighed 300# live.


Keep in mind this is just an example and all animals are different. All weight loss percentages and yield amounts can vary quite a bit from animal to animal due to a number of factors.



Live weight 300#

Divide by 2 for your half 150#

Butchering loss of 40% (- 60#)

Hanging weight 90#

Payment to Farmer (Marion Acres) 

90# x $4.50 = $405.00 (minus deposit)

Processing loss of 30% (- 27#)

Cut and Wrapped “take home” weight of 63#

Payment to Butcher (the Meating Place) for final processing

$40 (kill fee) + 90# x $0.70 = $103.00*


*This example does not include any further processing or “value adds” like curing and smoking.


All told you spent $8.06/# for some of the best pastured raised pork available and cut exactly the way you wanted it!


Current crop of hogs will be processed Sept/Oct 2021


HALF Share Pastured Pork (Deposit) | $4.50/lb