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.:. Cost and Weights .:.

WHOLE HOG Share Price - $5.80/lb based on "Hanging Weight"

Deposit for a WHOLE HOG - $300.

You are placing a non-refundable deposit for a WHOLE HOG share.  This deposit will be credited to your final invoice once your share has been processed.  


We raise our hogs to roughly 200 pounds on the low end and 350 pounds on the heavy end "live wieght".  When the hogs are dressed out (and then taken to the butcher), they have lost roughly 35% of their live weight.  The dressed out carcass is what the "hanging weight" comes from, and can be between 130 pounds and 230 pounds.


The $5.80/lb price you'll pay is based on this hanging weight, and this is what will be paid to the farmers.  That's us, Marion Acres.


Once the hog arrives at the butcher and they start cutting and wrapping, the hog will lose roughly another 35%.  This is from the bones, cartilage, fat, ect...  That means, when the butcher is all done, you'll have roughly 85 pounds to 150 pounds of meat to put in your freezer for a WHOLE SHARE.


Additionally, you will also pay the kill fee, which is how the mobile slaughter people get paid.  Currently, that fee is $100 for a WHOLE SHARE for hogs between 200 and 300 pounds.


The last fee you'll pay is the butchering fees.  There is a flat cut and wrap fee of $0.85 per pound (hanging weight) plus whatever additional add ons you want, such as cured/smoked bacon, cured hams, and sausage.  This is how the butchers are paid, and you'll pay these fees (including the kill fee) when you pick up your meat.


.:. What to Expect .:.


Once you place your order and pay the deposit, you'll receive an automatic reply via email that will serve as your order receipt.  Separately, we will send you an email notifying you that we have indeed confirmed your order, as well as additional details about what to expect, and your slaughter date.  This will be the day that your hog will go to the butcher.


.:. Example Cost .:.


Below is an example of the total cost of a WHOLE SHARE that weighed 300 pounds live.  This is just an example, as final live weights of the hogs and the different losses can vary as previously mentioned.  This is purely for an example.

Live weight - 300 pounds
Loss from Slaughter (35% loss) - 195 pounds "Hanging Weight"
Loss from butchering (35% loss) - 127 pounds "in packages"

Payment to Farmer (Marion Acres)
Hanging weight (195 pounds) x $5.80 = $1,131 (your deposit will be credited to this cost)

Payment to Butcher (The Meating Place; paid when you pick up your meat)

Hanging weight (195 pounds) x $0.85 = $166 (plus whatever add-ons you want.)

Payment to Mobile Slaughter Crew

Kill fee - $100 (this will also be paid to The Meating Place when you pick up your meat)

The total paid in this example:  $1,131 + $166 + $100 = $1,397*
Total amount of pork you'll bring home:  127 pounds**


That equates to roughly $11.00 per pound for everything... pork chops, loin, ground pork, pork shoulder, ect... for some of the best pastured raised pork available and cut exactly the way you want it!

*This example does not include any further processing or “value adds” like curing and smoking.

** This example assumes a 35% loss on slaughter (can range from 30% to 35%) and a 35% loss on butchering (can range from 25% to 35%).

Current crop of hogs will be processed in the fall/early winter of 2024.

WHOLE Share Pastured Pork (Deposit) | $5.80/lb

  • Pickup location :: The Meating Place

    You will pick up your share directly from the butcher, which is The Meating Place.  They are located just down the street about a mile from our farm in Helvetia.  They will call or text you when your order is ready!  They are closed on Mondays.

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