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Our Pasture
Holistically Managed

About our Pasture

* We never put any chemicals or pesticides on our pasture. 

* Chicken tractors are moved daily over them to create even, natural fertilizer.

* In addition to the chickens fertilizing the pasture, we also have cows, laying hens, and turkeys that all work together.  Cows mow down the pasture, laying hens come through and scratch through the cow pies to spread them out, then after the grass has had time to grow back, the chicken tractors come through.  Finally, the pasture rests until the rotation begins again, creating a thick topsoil; rich, green color and thick, tall pasture in the spring. 

* Pasture mix of seeds was planted in 2016/2017 and we continue to plant as needed each year. 

* We process all of our chicken here on site in our ODA licensed and inspected facility, which means we also have an abundant and nutrient dense water supply from the processing that we are able to continually apply to our pasture.

* We compost all of the offal and that compost is spread back onto the fields to build the soil as well. 


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