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Pasture-Raised Eggs

Fresh Pasture & GMO-free Local Feed


About our Eggs

* Local! Just 20 minutes west of downtown Portland, Oregon.
* Raised on fresh, green, bug filled, herbicide-free/pesticide-free pasture. 

* Truly free-range! Our hens can go anywhere they want. 
* We move our coop every two days to discourage congregating.
* Antibiotic free.
* Hormone free. (Federal standards do not allow the use of hormones in poultry or pork.)
* No animal by-products, fats or coloring.
* Locally grown & milled non-GMO feed ration.
* Coop allows plenty of shade and protection for resting and laying.
* Never any physical alterations done on birds (beak trimming, de-spurring, dubbing, caponization).
* Natural sun, exercise, and clean air makes for a healthier and happier bird laying excellent eggs.
* Breed is Barred Rock.
* Local & family owned farm business.

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