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Pasture-Raised Chicken

"Marion Acres' chicken is the best local, pasture-raised chicken I've ever tasted! My family raved about it! Clean, rich tasting, fresh, juicy and pasture plump.  The meat is gone and the bones are ready to be made into stock!" 

- LaRae B.  Chef & Food Styling  Portland, OR


About our Chicken

* Local! Just 20 minutes west of downtown Portland, Oregon.

* Raised on fresh, green, bug-filled herbicide-free/pesticide-free pasture starting at just 3 weeks old.

* Moved onto a fresh, thick section of pasture every single day!

* Antibiotic free.

* Hormone free. (Federal standards do not allow the use of hormones in poultry or pork.)

* No animal by-products, fats or coloring.

* Locally grown & milled non-GMO, soy & corn-free feed ration

* Raised in small batches and handled individually with care.

* "Chicken tractors" allow plenty of shade for resting.

* Birds grow at a natural rate.

* Natural sun, exercise, and clean air makes for a healthier and happier bird.

* Breed is Cornish Cross, introduced in the 1930s.

* Local & family owned farm business.

* Raised and humanely handled & processed by us on site to minimize stress on birds.

* FAQ about our chicken are here.




A. Besides the chemical & pesticide-free green grass, dandelions, clover, & bugs that the chickens eat throughout the day, they also receive a certified gmo-free feed ration. 



When we say that we supplement our chickens with a "feed ration", that means that we only feed them a specific amount of feed, once a day.  We do not offer continuous feed, which means when their food runs out mid morning, they spend the rest of the day foraging on the weeds & bugs.  We move them to a fresh plot of grass every single day so they always have something fresh to forage on in the pasture.



For our pasture, we don't spray... at all.  We don't use fertilizer... at all.  We don't ship any waste off the farm.  Everything is turned back onto the land.  The waste water from our processing facility is saved and applied to the pasture (it has nutrients we worked hard to grow... no way we're going to throw that away).  We compost all of the offal and that compost is spread back onto the fields to build the soil.  


Know that we are doing all we can to ensure our poultry are eating the best feed we can provide them; ultimately giving you the healthiest and most nutritious meat possible.


$Price/lb Market Value + 10% off if you buy 10 or more!

Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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