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Grass Fed Milk
Pasture Raised / Non-Homoginized 

"Old fashioned style milk, the way it should be! It tastes like ice cream, so delicious!" 

- Marion Acres Customer  Portland, OR

About our Milk

Pasture-Raised Milk from Schoch Dairy


We get our milk from Schoch Dairy, just up the road from us on West Union.  They graze their dairy cows on fresh pasture.  With their sustainable practices, we think it's the best milk you can buy in any market!  Each glass jar is filled from farm to fridge and available for purchase the same day; now that's FRESH! 

About the cows: "Our cows are grass and forage fed (supplementing with local hay and haylage when the grass isn’t growing). Our herd is mixed breeds, Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss and milking Shorthorn. We have not had our herd genetically tested for the A2 marker, but all of our breeding is done with confirmed A2 bulls. We are continually working toward an A2 herd."


Visit their website for more information below here: 

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