Full Payment for: ONE CASE (9 containers) Frozen Chicken Broth Kits.  This kit comes with 3 necks, 3 heads, and 6 feet from pasture-raised chickens ready to dump in a pot and simmer to make your own broth. If you are interested in purchasing less than 9 containers, please stop in our market anytime! We are open DAILY; Mon-Sat 8-7 & Sun 10-6


Pasture-Raised Chicken BROTH KITS - $6/each (retail)


All of our chicken is moved onto fresh organically grown pasture every single day and supplemented once a day with a non-GMO (no-corn/no-soy) vegetarian feed ration. Our chickens are not vegetarian though, they eat lots of bugs.

Bulk Case (9 Containers) | Broth Kits


    Directions: Search 'Google Maps' for Helvetia Farm Market.

    23137 NW West Union Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124


    Open Daily:   M-Sat 8-7   &   Sun 10-6


    If you order online and don't pick up your when specified, we will restock and freeze your order.  Please email us if you need to reschedule at orders@marionacres.com


    All deposits & payments online are credited to your purchase and non-refundable.  If you are unable to make it to a pickup that you signed up for, please contact us to let us know and switch to another date & time.  Deposits are easily transferred. 

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